Welcome to the Ed Tech Garden

To start with I am building this site to test the offerings from Reclaim Hosting, a hosting provider focused on students and teachers. It grew from the Domain of One’s Own initiative at University of Mary Washington that helps students build a digital island for themselves online using free software like WordPress and a domain name of the student’s choosing.

As someone passionate about self-hosting and free software as ways to build personal autonomy, I am a big fan of the initiative. It is that rare thing in education, general purpose technology education. As an Educational Technologist at a different university, I am trilled to have Reclaim available as a resource for the graduate students and instructors that I work with. Or at least I expect to be once I finish kicking the tires.

If all goes well, I will post here about here about why students and instructors should consider claiming their own space online, even without the support of UMW’s campus programs, and some examples of how to go about doing so. If instead this germ of an idea falls on hard ground, then please look for other gardens.

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